PNW Components Range Handlebar Gen 3


The Bar that's still has your back!

Our Range Handlebar Gen 3 remains focused on ergonomics and comfort, with a width of 800mm and a new 35mm diameter option. With the industry continually trending towards frames with longer reach, our Range Handlebar Gen 3 prioritizes minimizing back discomfort and wrist fatigue so you never feel like you have ol' bird bones on your climbs or descents.

Personal Preference

We appreciate our local watering hole having multiple beers on tap, and figured the same goes for bar diameter. Our Gen 3 gives the option of 31.8mm (our OG size for the purist) or 35mm. Through material choice and smart butting profiles, we created a 35mm bar that's a dream to pilot.

Material Matters

The Range features 2014 Aluminum Alloy, a trail friendly material resembling carbon’s chatter absorbing qualities in a more cost conscious and durable package.

Bigger and Lighter?

But how? Science? Physics? Geometry? Engineers are crafty. By widening the width of the bar from 780 to 800, we’re able to extend those butting profiles and remove unnecessary material, reducing the weight of the previous Range Handlebar by as much as 25 grams.

Product Specs:

Material: 2014-T73 heat treated alloy

Weight: 31.8 - 314g / 35 - 310g

Width: 800mm

Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm and 35mm

Rise: 30mm

5° upsweep, 10° backsweep

Lifetime warranty!


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