PNW Components Range Stem Gen 3


A stem walks into a bar,

Get it? Yeah, neither do we. And technically, it would be the other way around. All joking aside, the new Range Stem is no laughing matter. The ground-up redesign features a CNC'd body, machined from 6061 aluminum. It also dropped the quarantine weight by as much as 40 grams.

Does size really matter?

Whether you're a fan of nostalgia or convinced bigger is always better, the new Range Stem keeps the 31.8 clamp diameter alive but makes room for the addition of a 35mm option.

Look Ma, no hands!

Getting rad POV footage of your most epic rides shouldn't require you to strap a harness to your chest just to hold a camera that weighs as much as two candy bars. The new Range Stem retains our integrated (and removable) GoPro mount so you can log that sick footie and not look like a lurp doing it.


40mm or 50mm lengths

31.8: 40mm - 148g /  50mm - 170g

35.0: 40mm - 145g / 50mm - 165g

31.8mm or 35mm diameters

GoPro/headlight mount included

Fits 1-1/8" steerer tube

Lifetime warranty!

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