Kids e-Balance

The new Mondraker Grommy is a totally new way for young new riders to have fun on two wheels – and learn essential skills with a smile like you’ve never seen before! Open up the garage door and... what’s that?!

It’s a cool kids’ balance bike with a punchy little motor and made from all the great materials, technology and know-how you expect from a Mondraker bike. Grommy transforms the humble balance bike, taking it to a whole new level. 

With its innovative and expertly delivered electric motor power and advanced frame and components, we’ve created the first true e-balance bike – and it’s available now in two sizes.  Whether it’s the 12-inch or 16-inch model, by building an easy-to-control 250W power unit into Grommy’s highly advanced balance bike frame, we’ve come up with the perfect way to accelerate youngsters’ skills and fire their imagination as we crank up the fun factor!

As Mondraker’s CEO Miguel Pina says:

“It’s not just the bike that will allow your kids to learn how to ride – Grommy is the bike you wished you had when you were young!”

Balance bikes are used to help kids develop their essential riding skills and confidence from an early age, mastering the basics of handling and getting involved in the fun without the complicated distraction of pedaling. The unique Grommy inspires a new generation of riders with skills, passion and fun!