PNW Components Rainier Gen 3 Dropper Post



In the bike industry fashion is determined by the mud on your shorts and dust on your shoes. Yet, there is something undeniably satisfying about a freshly tailored suit, we designed the all new Rainier Dropper Post to add that custom tailored feel to your bike. The past version of this post is known for its consistency and reliability. While maintaining those qualities, this new iteration focuses on fitting more bikes and providing refined adjustability for the rider. 



Tool-less Travel Adjust

Shortened Overall Length

Sealed air cartridge

Travel: 125, 150, 170 or 200mm

Diameter: 30.9, 31.6 or 34.9mm

Internal cable routing

3-year warranty!


Choose from our Loam Lever*, Puget 1x or 2x drivetrain compatible levers or Roadie/Drop Bar Lever Kit for road bars 

1x Lever - Designed to be used with bikes using a single front chain ring, this is a "shifter style" lever

2x lever - Designed to play nice with front shifters, this is a "vertical" lever that accommodates for the shifter on the left side of your handlebar

To see photos of the Puget levers, please visit their product page here

*Guide brakes - still requires Sram hinge and T-nut

Tool-Less Travel Adjust:

Our travel adjust system allows for a total of 30mm travel reduction in 5mm increments. If you were riding that line between a 170mm and 200mm dropper you can now fine-tune the perfect fit, (like finding the perfect chamois that holds you close but doesn’t create an excess of muffin top

Reduced Overall Length:

The redesigned Rainier is significantly shorter than our other posts. We scrubbed overall length of the post by shortening the lower tube. Overall length reductions vary by travel but we were able to knock out 27.5mm of overall length from our 125mm size.Combining all of these changes means this version of the Rainier can fit into more bikes while also maximizing the amount of travel available.

Product Specs:

Infinite Adjust: choose the right position for you on any part of the trail.

Choose any lever kit

Post Material: 7075 Alloy

Weights: 125mm - 545g, 150mm - 575g, 170mm - 605g, 200mm - 640g

3-year warranty!

Rainier Gen 3 Measurements


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