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The Coast dropper is the world’s first Suspension Dropper Post, combining ride smoothing suspension and the benefits of a dropper into one seat post. This dropper is designed to help riders on all types of bikes, from packed up trekkers, to the cross country wanderers, even the weekday commuters.

We developed the Coast because the earth isn’t flat (no matter what those people on twitter say), it’s kind of bumpy. And while we all like coasting along on freshly paved roads, mountain paths are enticing and potholes exist no matter how much we swear at them. The Coast Post was designed to soak up some of these vibrations. We accomplished this via 40mm of tunable air suspension housed in the internals to make your ride a bit smoother.

While this post provides some relief from everyday chatter it also comes with up to 120mm of drop. Most people associate dropper posts with mountain biking, but it turns out they’re pretty jazzy on everything from gravel bikes, to trekking rigs and commuters. Let’s face it, when your saddle is at the proper height dismounts can be… inelegant. A dropper post allows you to push a button and be in a flat footed position when you want, easily returning you to the best saddle height for riding once you get going again. This can be great for starting and stopping in city traffic, or getting on and off a bike packed up with stuff - or really, if your hips are just extra tight and creaky like ours.

Plus when you’re going downhill, a dropper easily gets the distraction of your seat out of the way, letting you lower your center of gravity. Not only does this put you in a safer riding position it also makes descents more fun (we wish this safer-but-also-more-fun combo was true for more things in life). 

Product Features:

Diameters: 27.2, 30.9 or 31.6mm

Drop Travel: 100 (27.2) or 120mm (30.9/31.6)

Air Suspension: 40mm

Weights: 31.6/30.9 External routing - 615g, 31.6/30.9 Internal routing - 610g, 27.2 External routing - 540g, 27.2 Internal routing - 535g

Cable Routing: Available with internal or external cable routing

Cartridge: 2-chamber hydraulic and adjustable air

3-year warranty!

Perfect for commute, gravel or hardtail bikes

NOTE: This is NOT a replacement for rear suspension, it is a suspension seat post which helps absorb the larger bumps while seated. It does not provide small bump compliance found in rear suspension mountain bikes.

Coast Dropper Post Measurement

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