PNW Components The Ridge Dropper Post


For all you riders that are unsure about dropper seat posts, or are sick of the ones on your bike not working, we bring you our most affordable dropper. The Ridge boasts the PNW promise of reliability with its sturdy construction and 3-year warranty, while passing on savings in a cost conscious package. 

The Ridge features a sealed hydraulic cartridge with a coil spring for consistent performance over time, which also ensures the post is a no-fuss, truly hands-off item on your bike. This dropper is a perfect option for anyone wanting to put their toe in the dropper post water.


Choose from our Loam Lever, Puget 1x or 2x drivetrain compatible levers or Roadie/Drop Bar Lever Kit for road bars 

1x Lever - Designed to be used with bikes using a single front chain ring, this is a "shifter style" lever

2x lever - Designed to play nice with front shifters, this is a "vertical" lever that accommodates for the shifter on the left side of your handlebar

To see photos of the Puget levers, please visit their product page here

Product Specs:     

Travel: 125mm

Diameter: 30.9 or 31.6mm

Routing: Internal routing

Weight: 590g

Warranty: 3-years

Lever: Alloy front derailleur compatible style

Choose any lever kit

Ridge Dropper Post Measurements

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