PNW Components Rainier 27.2 GEN 3 IR 125mm Dropper Post

Gravel and Cross Country bikes deserve love too, that’s why we squeezed all the features of our Rainier Gen 3 into a slimmer package. We increased travel, giving you the most drop of any 27.2 post on the market, and guaranteeing your adventures on gravel and beyond can get a little more weird (in a good way).

Shorter overall post - this allows for the post to fit in a larger variety of frame designs

Tool-less Travel Adjust - combined with the shorter overall post this guarantees more drop across a wider range of bike frames. Up to 25mm of adjustment in 5mm increments

Travel Options: 125mm
Diameter Options: 27.2mm
Weight: 450g 
Air Cartridge Style: Sealed
Routing: Internal 
Seatpost Material: 7075 Alloy
Lever Compatibility: Compatible with all PNW Levers and most cable-actuated levers from other brands 
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