POC VPD Air Sleeve


Mountain biking has evolved considerably in recent years and bikes now offer access to every type of terrain and style of riding. So we have created the lightweight VPD Air sleeve as an option for those riders who are looking for a minimal level of padding and reinforcement, but with highest levels of comfort, compression and ventilation. The VPD Air sleeve comfort pads have been preshaped to offer enhanced flexibility and freedom of movement and the silicon strips at the top and bottom of the pads ensure a precise and secure fit even through rough riding conditions. The pads are lightweight and thanks to the perforated fabric designed to increase airflow the legs offer optimized ventilation and moisture control. Ideal for long days on the bike or when you want some padding but without any penalty.

Technical Features:

Preshaped low profile Sleeve comfort pads

Reinforced fabric outside elbow

Ventilated textile inside arm

Lightweight compression fabric for a secure and pressure free fit

Silicon strip at the top and bottom to secure in place

Perforated for optimized moisture and ventilation control


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