POC Women's Air Indoor Shorts


Whether riding indoors purely for the off season or all-year round, the Air Indoor Shorts give the comfort and support needed for long, hot sessions.
Featuring a chamois pad developed specifically for the more static positions of indoor cycling, the shorts actively move moisture away from the body for extra comfort and a feeling of dryness regardless of the heat.
Constructed from a polyamide/elastane blend with 4-way stretch, the shorts give a compression feel for extra comfort on longer sessions. A thick elastic waistband ensures a secure and comfortable fit, and a break in the elastic at the front improves comfort while tucked low on the bike.
An exterior hanging loop means it's easy to hang the shorts to dry after a hard training session.

Technical Details:

Indoor pad

A new chamois pad developed specifically for indoor cycling has better drying properties for optimal moisture management.

Stretch and compression fabric

The close-fitting fabric features 4-way stretch and has compression properties for comfort.

Flatlock Seams

Flatlock seams give a closer, more comfortable fit.


The shorts are highly breathable, ideal for indoor training sessions.

Hanger loop

Easily hang the shorts to dry using the loop on the rear.

Broad waistband

A broader elastic waistband with an open section at the front ensures a comfortable and secure fit.

6.5cm elasticated gripper

The 6.5cm-wide elasticated leg gripper features a silicone print on the inner to ensure the shorts sit securely.



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