Pirelli P Zero Race (STD Colors)


P ZERO Race combines the advantages of the tube-type technology in an all-around cycling tire for high intensity training sessions and races. The TechBelt Road carcass improves reliability against punctures, without impacting the weight of the tire, whilst the special SmartEVO Compound enhances grip on both wet and dry asphalt compared to our previous cycling compounds

Smart Evo Compound:

So far the most advanced racing chemical formulation for road use, it was born from the Motorsport experience of Pirelli and the collaboration with the factory World Tour teams. The new Smart Evo Compound features a single-compound formulation based on three different polymers, each of which provides opposite performances in a perfect blend. The advanced mixture of polymers with "Smart" behaviors are the key elements of the Smart Evo Compound, providing better grip and rolling resistance in any weather condition. The Smart Evo Compound is a high-performance chemical formulation developed for modern road cycling, from everyday training to World Tour racing. Smart Evo Compound is an exclusive feature of the P ZERO range.

TechBelt Road:

The TechBelt ROAD is a road-specific 120tpi casing that features an added layer of nylon fabric under the tread making it a solid choice for any kind of use, including racing, training and commuting.

The TechBelt ROAD is an exclusive feature of the P ZERO range.


700 x 26C    205g

700 x 28C    225g

700 x 30C    245g


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