NiteRider Sentinal 250


The Sentinel™ keeps a watchful eye over the night projecting highly visible laser lines for your own personal bike lane, enhancing your safety immeasurably, while also giving you protection during the day with Daylight Visible Flash (DVF) technology.

Also features an innovative Group Ride Mode where you can be seen without distracting fellow cyclists’ attention from the pavement or dirt. At 116 grams the USB rechargeable Sentinel meets all required FL1 Standards for impact testing and dust/water resistance. The easy on-and-off seat post strap with quick release tab makes the Sentinel convenient when you do need to give it a quick charge.


Lumen Output: 250
7 Modes with Run Times: 5:00 – 45:00hrs

Charge Time: 3:00hrs

Weight: 116g

Battery: Li-Po
Low Battery Indicator
250 lumen Daylight Visible tail light with Laser Lanes
Water / Dust Resistant IP64 Rated

Run times:

Flash 1 - *6:30h
Flash 2 - *5:00h
High Steady - *8:00h
Low Steady - *45:00h
*No Lasers

Slow Flash Lasers - *14:00h
Fast Flash Lasers - *14:00h
Steady On Lasers - *7:00h
*Lasers Only

Optimal VIZ with Daylight Visible Flash (DVF)
A wearable safety light – clip onto various straps, belt loops, etc.
Highly visible laser lanes
All in one, Laser and tail light!
Convenient USB rechargeable
Group Ride Mode – be seen without distracting fellow cyclists
Easy on and off seat post strap mount with quick release tab
FL1 Standard IP64, dust and water-resistant

Adjustable angle:

Fine tune the direction of light as well as the Laser Lanes, getting them parallel to the left / right of the cyclist.

Low battery indicator:

When powering off, center circle will light up red indicating low battery.

FL1 Standards Tested:

The Sentinel™ 250 meets all required F1 Standards for accurate run times, lumen output testing and dust/water resistance.

USB Rechargeable:

Convenient USB Rechargeable minimizes the amount of battery waste. Charge time: 3:00h.

What's included:

LED Tail Light w/ Laser Lanes
Seat Post Mount
USB Charging Cable


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