Kuat Piston Pro X One Bike Add-on


When it's time to double down on the fun, quickly add up to two additional riders with this 2-bike add-on. The modular design makes attaching the additional trays super simple. 

Even easier than that? The lights automatically connect.  


1-Bike Add-On: Quick change from 2 to 3 bikes

1-Bike Add-On holds up to 50 pounds per tray

Wheelbases up to 53" tires as large as 5"

Compatible with 2” Piston Pro X

Compatible with Pivot v2

Compatible with e-bike ramp

Only one add-on can be used at a time


1-Bike Add-On: 26lbs

Carrying Capacity:

1-Bike Add-On increases 2” Piston Pro X carrying capacity to 3 bicycles weighing up to 50 pounds each

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