Kuat Beta


Nimble, light, easy to use, affordable—this hanging-style hitch rack is as functional as it is beautiful.

Sometimes staying trim kind of sucks. Hill sprints, Pilates, weight training, forsaking white bread entirely – the Beta has shown impeccable self-control. Fortunately, it has paid off. At only 11 lbs. and gracefully designed, the Beta’s slim figure may give other bike racks a self-image complex. But don’t hate him because he’s beautiful! This lean, mean rack can carry two bikes (up to 80 lbs. total capacity), includes almost all of the bells and whistles of his big brother, the Alpha, and makes it just as easy to load and unload.

Anti-sway carriages

Quickly folds up for storage

Tilts down for vehicle access

Hand tight cam system

Gated hitch pin included

Aluminum construction

Available in both 2” & 1.25” hitch sizes

Rack Weight:

2-Bike, 1.25”: 14lbs

2-Bike, 2”: 13lbs

Carrying Capacity:

2 Bike Capacity (40lb/Bike)

Total carrying capacity of up to 80lbs


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