POC VPD Air+ Tee


The VPD Air + Tee is the optimal protection for those riders who require maximum back protection and minimal padding and highest flexibility across the chest and elbows. The VPD Air + Tee features a lightweight and ventilated 3 layer back protector which conforms to Level 1 (1621-2) standards. The protector utilizes a flexible mesh, which is both light and highly breathable, in combination with the back protector which has a low profile. The VPD Air + Tee also incorporates the lightweight VPD Air sleeve and chest comfort padding which offers a minimal level of padding and reinforcement, but with highest levels of comfort, compression and ventilation. The sleeve and chest comfort pads offer enhanced flexibility and freedom of movement and ensure a precise and secure fit even through rough riding conditions.

Technical Features:

Light, three quarter, 3ply back protector with superb shock absorption

Light, three quarter, 3ply chest protector with superb shock absorption

Light shock absorbing shoulder protectors

Mesh back for good ventilation

Certified EN 1621-2 3ply sheet back plate

Elastic mesh for optimal fit

Incorporates low profile sleeve and chest comfort pads

Reinforced fabric on elbow

Silicon strip at the bottom of elbow to secure in place

Perforated for optimized moisture and ventilation control


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