POC Spine VPD Air Tee


The Spine VPD Air Tee is a highly versatile back and elbow protector which offers maximum flexibility to riders who want to have protection and the highest freedom of movement. The 2-ply back protector is made using VPD technology and is certified to international standards and comes with a high level of ventilation and flexibility. Together with a light, certified, 2-ply VPD elbow protector, the VPD Air Tee ensures riders can have the best in protection, breathability and flexibility when riding.

Technical Features:

Light, ventilated back protector certified according to EN 1621-2

Extremely flexible and light VPD elbow pad - EN 1621-1 certified

Shock absorption

Ventilation system constructed within each layer to optimize moisture management and comfort

Low friction polyamide construction

High abrasion resistance

50+ UPF sun protection


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