POC Spine VPD Air Backpack Vest


Made with water and dirt-resistant fabric and including a backprotector, which is certified to EN 1621-2 level 1, the Backpack VPD Air Vest is the perfect compliment for shorter days on the trail or for riders who want minimal storage but maintain the protection of a backprotector. The unique twin-strap closure system provides a light and secure retention system, which also ensures that there is no restriction around the waist. A mixture of pockets give easy access to tools or food. A specific mobile phone pocket and compatibility with hydration systems tops off a minimalist backpack with a great deal of flexibility and protection.

Technical Features

Light, ventilated back protector vest with pockets (630g incl backprotector)

Back protector, certified according to EN 1621-2 level 1 - Size medium (47cm long)

Twin-strap closure system

Tool pocket on the side for easy access

Designed to work with hydration system - up to 3 litres

Mobile phone pockets in the front and back and two mesh pockets for tools, tubes, food etc

Water/dirt resistant fabric


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