POC Resistance Ultra Tee


Head out on your next adventure in kit tailored for long rides. The Resistance Ultra Tee combines durability and reliability with the storage you need for days in the saddle.

Long days in the saddle present their own unique challenges and rewards, and the Resistance Ultra Tee helps you face each challenge. Featuring robust Cordura® on the sleeves, the tee gives great durability and gives extra protection in a fall, as the material is less likely to rip, so your skin stays protected and the life of the tee is extended.

On longer rides, it’s also vital to keep your skin protected from the sun. The jersey is constructed from a lightweight four-way stretch material with sun protection in excess of UPF 50+, so your skin is protected from the sun for the duration of your ride.

With three large open pockets on the rear, it’s easy to store all the belongings you need for every adventure. A waterproof membrane on the lower back enhances protection from rain and spray, and an internal gaiter makes sure the tee stays firmly and comfortably in place while also stopping your belongings in the back pockets from moving around while riding over rougher terrain.

Technical Features:

Lightweight tee with extra storage for longer rides

Highly durable Cordura® on the sleeves

Sun protection higher than UPF50+ level

Waterproof membrane on the lower back

Large open rear pockets

Smaller zipped pocket for secure storage of valuables

Reflective detailing

Internal gaiter for extra security


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