PNW Components Rainier 27.2 IR Dropper Post


As time goes by, so do trends. As a team who has been in the bike industry for many decades, we've seen them all. Remember bar ends? Remember toe clips on pedals? Those were the hotness when they came out. Overtime these products have been replaced with better options, but then there are some trends that have stuck like 27.5" wheels and internal cable routing in frames. We wanted to wait things out a bit before jumping into developing a dropper post with internal routing, but it seems the stealthy cable job persists, so we present to you, the Rainier 27.2 IR (Internal Routing).

The Rainier 27.2 IR dropper post brings riders the convenience and relief of an adjustable height dropper post in a lightweight alloy package with models featuring 90mm and 110mm of travel. These posts gives you an answer to those steep or technical sections with infinite height adjustment. 

The Rainier not only hits the mark with price, but our simple design makes for easy servicing and consistent performance time after time. 


Choose from our Loam Lever, Puget 1x or 2x drivetrain compatible levers or Roadie/Drop Bar Lever Kit for road bars 

1x Lever - Designed to be used with bikes using a single front chain ring, this is a "shifter style" lever

2x lever - Designed to play nice with front shifters, this is a "vertical" lever that accommodates for the shifter on the left side of your handlebar

To see photos of the Puget levers, please visit their product page here

Product Specs:  

Material: 7075-T73 heat treated alloy

Infinite Adjust: why should you be forced to choose a position? 

Choose any lever kit

Travel: 90mm or 110mm

Post Diameter: 27.2mm

Weights: 90mm - 460g, 110mm - 497g

Post Length: See below for measurements

Dual-Bolt micro adjust head

Internal cable routing

3-year warranty!

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