NiteRider Lumina 1200 Boost and Solas 250 Combo


The NiteRider® Lumina™ 1200 Boost provides enough light that it can be used in just about all riding conditions, whether it be on the road, on your favorite mountain biking trail, or hand-held in Walk Mode.

The NiteRider® Solas™ 250 uses two powerful LEDs to produce an amazing 250 lumens of light output. It features 4 modes (2 flash / 2 steady) and is USB rechargeable. We’ve implemented what we call “Group Ride Mode” for cyclists who want to stay visible but not distract others in the pac1200 lumen Boost Mode, double tap power button to unleash maximum LED output!

USB Rechargeable:

The Lumina™ 1200 Boost is USB Rechargeable. Another feature of note on the 1200, Intellicharge™, which reduces your charge time in half—giving you more time riding and less time waiting. Charge time is 3:00 hours, when plugged into a power source outputting over 500 mAh and 6:00 hours when below 500 mAh.

Solas™ 250 Charge Time: 4:00 hours

Battery indicator:

Both the Lumina™ 1200 Boost and the Solas™ 250 feature an intuitive battery level indicator that is conveniently located within the power button. Button indicates an ample amount of battery and will light up red with levels reach below 20-25% remaining.


** For more specific features about each light, be sure to see their individual pages on the appropriate headlight or taillight pages from the drop down menus above. **


What's included:

LED Front Headlight
LED Rear Taillight
Internal Rechargeable Battery
Handlebar Mount with quick release, fits up to 35mm
Seat post Strap Mount
USB Charging Cable (2)


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