NiteRider Lumina 1000 Boost


The NiteRider® Lumina™ 1000 Boost is the perfect light for mountain bikers, road riders, adventure riders and urban commuters.

Featuring a tried and true handlebar mount, fits up to 35mm, that is sure to remain rock solid whether on the trail or pavement.

This self-contained light makes use of the IntelliCharge™ function, which charges the battery twice as fast as the normal charge rate when connected to a higher amp AC adapter. With the new NiteRider® custom engineered collimator lens, the Lumina™ 1000 Boost projects a wide and even beam pattern of 1000 lumens!


Lumen Output: 1000
6 Modes with Run Times: 1:00 – 26:00hrs

Charge Time: 2:30 / 5:00 hrs

Weight: 172g

Battery: Li-Ion

Low Battery Indicator
1000 lumen front bike light with Boost Mode
Water / Dust Resistant IP64 Rated

Run times:

Low - 6:00h at 200 Lumens
Med - 3:30h at 375 Lumens
High - 1:30h at 750 Lumens
Boost - 1:00h at 1000 Lumens
Pulse Flash - 10:30h at 750 Lumens
Fast Flash - 6:00h at 750 Lumens
Walk - 26:00h at 50 Lumens

Lock Out Mode:

The Lumina™ 1000 Boost front bike light is equipped with Lock Out Mode, designed to save battery power by preventing the head lightfrom accidentally turning on while in storage. Simply press and hold power button 8-10 seconds to lock / unlock.

Meets FL1 Standards:

The Lumina™ 1000 Boost features a highly durable light housing with Dupont® Fiberglass reinforced nylon meeting all required FL1 Standards for accurate run times, lumen output testing and dust/water resistance.

CREE LED + Boost:

Specifically designed to meet the needs of riders in all cycling categories, the 1000 features the Boost Mode light setting. Simply double click the power button, giving you the option to operate your light at maximum light output! And utilizing a CREE® LED at 6000k.

USB Rechargeable:

The Lumina™ 1000 Boost is USB Rechargeable. Another feature of note on the 1000, Intellicharge™, which reduces your charge time in half—giving you more time riding and less time waiting. Charge time is 3:00 hours, when plugged into a power source outputting over 500 mA and 6:00 hours when below 500 mA.

Aluminum Heatsink:

Its high-strength Dupont® Fiberglass reinforced nylon body casing and sweeping fins of the aluminum heat sink are engineered for advanced cooling properties resistance to cracking / abrasion.

What's included:

LED Light Head
Internal Li-Ion Battery
Handlebar Mount fit up to 35mm
USB Charging Cable


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