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Mondraker Performance Mountain Bikes and e-Bikes       

Mondraker is a performance focused, innovative Mountain Bike brand based in Alicante, Spain, in a great cycling atmosphere. On top of everything, we feel passion for what we do. Since 2001 we think outside the box, designing and manufacturing the bikes we want to ride with distinctive look and proprietary technologies such as Zero Suspension System, Stealth Carbon and Stealth Aluminum construction and unique, original and award winning Forward Geometry:

A complete collection of cutting edge technology bikes that deliver the best performance and unique riding experiences. 


Mondraker Forward Geometry Bike design Forward Geometry's main advantages are an increased safety and confidence riding steep chutes even at high speeds, more reactive, precise and direct handling, more uphill precision and more stability in technical and rough terrain with better grip and improved control overall. This season we are offering our largest FG models collection.
Stealth Carbon’s constantly developing technology brings all the experience gained in making aluminium frames to top of the range carbon fibre to meet the same innovation, maximum quality, minimum weight and strength requirements. Carbon fibre layers’ placement is a crucial technique with specific positioning and direction of the different quality fibres for each bike type and model. The result is a frame with the best strength / structural rigidity / trail buzz absorption / lightness ratio, exceptional reliability and a very attractive and unique 100% Mondraker look. Mondraker Stealth Carbon Bike design
Mondraker Stealth Alloy Bike Design Stealth Alloy encompasses all processes in the creation of the frame, from the industrial design to the specific production of each of its tubes with the calculation of the most precise details. Each tube and part is carefully designed to carry out a specific function while striving to achieve the lowest possible weight. Stealth technology is evolving every year with optimised shapes and internal updates to deliver the best riding experience in our aluminium frames.

Zero is a dual link design with the shock floating between the two suspension links and compressed from both ends. This makes the rear suspension extremely sensitive on small bumps and big hit capable.

Zero superior technologies’ main advantages are Zero power loss -a completely stable ride when pedalling-, Zero pedal kickback-minimum chain growth throughout the suspension travel-, Zero brake jack –isolated braking and suspension forces- and what we call Zero bumps, its great ability to soak up any type of bump keeping the rear wheel efficiently planted on the ground.

Mondraker Zero suspension bike design
Mondraker 1st Evo bike design Mondraker’s proprietary Integrated Stem Technology introduces a more integrated, lighter and more compact aero-style design. Made from Stealth Carbon fibre with a lightweight of just 128 grams complete (and even you are saving the upper headset cup and spacers’ weight), IST-EVO delivers greater rigidity and steering precision superior to those of traditional design. Available in 4 sizes, 75 mm, 90 mm, 105 mm and optional 115 mm, new IST-EVO offers an optimum pedalling position, perfect integration and maximum performance



Today, Mondraker is a recognised top level Mountain Bike manufacturer selling in more than 40 international countries with a complete collection of more than 60 models. From the groundbreaking Podium Carbon XC race bike, to the World Cup & World Championship winning Summum Carbon downhill race bike, we make exceptional bicycles with incredible world-class performance that live up to its hype.




2020 Mondraker F-Podium XC Bikes


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