Michelin Power Road


MICHELIN's best road tire for competition and training

More rolling efficiency:

Allowed by its casing and sculpture for a sporty ride

More robustness:

Thanks to its aramid top reinforcement and its 3x120 TPI casing in the flanks

More longevity:

Thanks to the X-Race Compound designed to optimize the wear of the tread

Optimized for competition, the X-Race Compound is a new generation of rubber compounds designed to improve grip on wet and dry roads, and rolling resistance.

Aramid Protek +, with its high-density reinforcement in the tire casing, provides strength at the crown and minimize punctures.

Thanks to its laminated shoulders and its silica compound, the MICHELIN POWER ROAD benefits from an excellent side grip, specifically in wet conditions, thus providing more security when cornering at high speed.

Folding, Clincher, X-Race, Aramid Protek+, 3x120TPI


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