Hammer Nutrition Hammer Balm

Triple Action, Transdermal Muscle Cream

Penetrates deep into sore, tired muscles

Helps alleviate aches and soreness

Pleasant scent


Dr. Bill Misner's, Ph.D., formulation is an all-natural muscle balm made with premium therapeutic ingredients like, ginger root, clove oil, and Arnica. A little Hammer Balm goes a very long way, so our 1.5 ounce bottle offers much more relief than you might think at first. You can also try our 1/3 ounce sample size, suitable for travel.


DISTILLED WATER, SOY LECITHIN (Granules Concentrated Phospholipids 97% minimum), ISOPROPYL MYRISTATE (IPM) (organic emulsifying solvent), GINGER ROOT (Certified Organic Herbal Extract), CLOVE OIL (100% Pure Food Grade), OLIVE OIL (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), PURE BEESWAX, STEARIC ACID (vegetable derived), ARNICA FLOWERS (Herbal Extract), CAYENNE PEPPER (0.25% Capsaicin)


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