Chamois Butt'r Skin Wash


A premium quality skin cleanser made for post ride cleanup when a shower is not available. Developed in cooperation with professional athletes and trainers to remove sweat, road grime, massage oils and embrocations after exercise. It includes ingredients to moisturize and condition the skin and reduces the warming sensation of embrocations.


Clean, fresh scent leaves your skin feeling clean, cool and refreshed

Does not leave sticky residue or film on skin after use

Safely and effectively removes sweat, road grime, massage oils and embrocations from skin

Made in the USA

What is it?

Made for cyclists for clean up on the go when a shower or water is not available.

How to use:

Apply Chamois Butt’r Skin Wash directly on your skin and wipe off with a cloth or paper towel. For extra tough oils, creams, dirt or grime repeat the process.

Sizes: 16 oz. Bottle

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