POC Ceramic VPDS Bib Shorts


The Ceramic VPDS Bib shorts offer extra protection, performance and functionality on longer rides or while racing.


The Ceramic VPDS bib shorts feature our premiere chamois, the VPDS Contour. This seam free pad features 3D molded VPDS silicone inserts with tapered edges for maximum comfort, particularly on longer rides.

The chamois also gives extra support in the frontal area.


Breathable, stretchy fabric with compression enhances performance. The bib shorts are cut with a race profile to support comfort on longer rides and in races.

The ceramic material on the legs reduces friction when a rider falls, letting them slide more and minimizing the chances of the material tearing, thereby reducing the chances of road rash injuries.


An 8cm-wide leg gripper provides extra security and comfort, ensuring the shorts sit in place when pushing hard in race settings.


Extremely stretchy suspenders in a breathable, lightweight material give a precise, secure and comfortable fit.


Ceramic paneling on the legs enhances protection from road rash. Reflective detailing helps keep you noticeable, particularly in low light.

Technical Features:

Bib shorts tailored for racing and longer rides

VPDS Contour Pad features silicone pads with tapered edges for enhanced comfort on longer rides

The silicone pads in the chamois enhance vibration absorption for more comfort

Compression feel to the material supports performance

Fully flatlock seams

8cm-wide leg grippers

Breathable, lightweight mesh in the upper part of the bibs

Very stretchy elastic suspenders give a secure and comfortable fit

Reflective details help keep you noticeable, especially in low light


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