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NiteRider began by accident and by necessity. Tom Carroll, a fanatical athlete and outdoorsman from Southern California had a problem. The best surf around was better at night, after the crowds had gone home. Since there was nothing even remotely useable to light up the waves, Tom had to design a solution from scratch.

A builder and designer by trade and inventor by passion, Tom was obsessed with making his lights the best. His second attempt defined everything that a light for “extreme sports” had to be – waterproof, very bright, lightweight and hands free. What he found is that it not only worked for surfing, but for the long bike trails that accessed those perfect, hidden breaks. 


Nite Rider Performance Lights                            Nite Rider Lumina Series lights and combos

                          Performance Lights                                Lumina Series

Nite Rider Mako Series Commuter Lights                 Niterideer Tail Lights

                         Commuter Lights                                                           Tail Lights 


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